Billing Process

At STAT EMS, Inc, we understand that circumstances can affect payment and have created a process that allows for multiple payment arrangements to be made.

Most private insurance purchased individually or through an employer group plan and government medical coverage such as Medicare and Medicaid will cover medically necessary emergency and non-emergency ambulance transportation. As a courtesy to our patients, STAT EMS will submit a claim to our patient’s insurance. If a patient has coverage, it is important to provide all of the coverage information to the Paramedic/EMT at the time of service or to the Patient Services Department as soon as possible upon booking or after receiving services.

If a patient does not have insurance coverage of any kind, the bill for STAT EMS services will be due directly from the patient. Payment is due immediately upon receipt of the bill. STAT EMS accepts patient’s personal check, Visa, Master Card, AMEX, and Discover (on-line credit card processing available soon). 

Patients may also make payment by phone by contacting STAT’s Patient Services Department (810.233.4400) or by contacting a STAT EMS Billing Specialist @ 810.238.7672.

Pay My Bill Online

Timeline after receiving care

Soon after receiving care (24-36 hours) from our compassionate staff at STAT EMS, a billing specialist will have performed a quality audit, organized all electronic data, paperwork, and data entered the claim for bill processing.

The patient’s insurance will get the bill that day when processed electronically, and patients without insurance should expect to receive a billing statement for services provided with two weeks. The bill will provide an itemization of the services provided and the fees charged.

Payment of the account is required within 30 days of receipt of the bill provided an alternate payment arrangement has not been agreed upon by the guarantor and a Medical Billing Specialist.