CAD and MARVLIS Interface utilized to respond to public medical emergency needs in Michigan

STAT EMS uses the latest technology to ensure proper emergency response times are met 24-7-365 through integrating In-Motion Technology, Tri-Tech Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and MARVLIS mapping, deployment, and demand software to meet the demands of public emergency medical needs.

Mobile Area Routing and Vehicle Location Information System™ (MARVLIS) is a family of integrated products designed to reach the bottom line:  saving time and money by getting the right resources to the right location at the right time to best meet your client's needs.  Using geographic information system (GIS) technology combined with wireless communication and the Global Positioning System (GPS), MARVLIS is bringing fundamental changes to the management and deployment of time sensitive services for a higher level of performance. Dynamic display of available resources, demand forecasting, real-time coverage analysis and intelligent routing are just a few of the ways MARVLIS is helping to save our most important asset.

STAT is the only ambulance service to deploy its units in identified zones using a hybrid System Status Management (SSM) model to meet the needs of 911 demands through MARVLIS.  This means the patient can be guaranteed the most fast and efficient response to their medical emergency than any other ambulance company responding in Genesee County, MI.  Other companies still position EMS staff inside a building which causes a significant lag time to your medical emergency.