Our Services to Your Community
Our patients receive the best care and attention available.

STAT has developed a reputation in the area hospitals and nursing facilities for not only providing great service for routine requests, but also accepting the "difficult" inter-facility patients that many other services often find reasons not to transport. For example, out of town transportation requests, Neonatal transportation, and transportation for those with acute psychosis and the bariatric.

STAT provides the same reliable, on time service for psychiatric, neonatal ICU, obese and complicated labor-intensive patients, guaranteed. Additionally, with STAT's spectrum of transportation services and dedicated 24/7 customer service, we are capable of arranging ALL transportation needs for our patients. Our focus on timeliness, clinical quality, and safety insures that our patients always receive the best care available.

Ambulance Services
Basic Life Support (BLS) Services: 911 and Non-Emergency.
Advanced Life Support Services (ALS): 911 and Non-Emergency with Specialized Ventilator services and 12 Lead EKG’s with Capnogrophy standard on all ALS vehicles.
Specialty Services: Specialized Bariatric, Dialysis and Oncology Programs tailored to each patient.  12 Lead EKG's and Blood Draws also available. 
Community Standby's: Dedicated ALS and BLS Stand-by services billed hourly for your special event. Non-dedicated ALS or BLS standby's are at no cost.
Medical Response Strike Teams (MRST):  These teams are highly trained and are ready for deployment within hours of activation for Federal or State disasters. 

Non-Ambulance Services
STAT TRANS—Specialty Transportation: Wheelchair and ambulatory transportation with CPR/AED trained uniformed staff and MDOT certified vans.
 • Group Transportation: Provided and billed by the hour (3 hour minimum)
 • Specialty Services: Bariatric (BTP) and Dialysis (RDT) Programs tailored to each patient
 • Logistic services: Dedicated to arranging any requested transportation modality for all STAT EMS patients, client or contracted facility.